Seed & Stock’s mission is to provide Southern California’s top workplaces with the most dynamic, high-end snack and coffee programs possible. At the time the company was founded, the office coffee industry was undergoing a major transformation – a movement that started in Silicon Valley. Companies were beginning to ditch their vending machines for fully-stocked, professionally managed break rooms as a way to attract talent and foster innovation. Traditional office coffee (OCS) providers, many of which have been around for decades, attempted to fill this new role as “full-service snack and pantry provider.”

Having recently graduated from USC and working their first jobs in LA, Zak and Megan Cole were familiar with the available options for OCS providers and saw an opportunity to address SoCal’s growing demand for a more premium service. After talking with clients, it was obvious that workplace teams were experiencing similar problems with their providers; offices wanted more selection, better communication from their vendor, greater order flexibility, price transparency and, overall, a more upscale feel for their break rooms. Unencumbered as a new entrant, Seed & Stock was lucky to start from scratch and build the company specifically around this client feedback.

We launched our snack service first, having developed new business processes that allowed us to offer thousands of SKUs from the most popular snack and beverage brands with the ability to switch up orders weekly. Clients and their employees were excited with our snack offering and we started to receive requests to take over additional services such as coffee and water. As we contemplated adding these services, we took our time to research thoroughly. We tested every piece of equipment and sampled coffees from the nation’s top roasters. It was important to us that our coffee and water solutions be of similar quality to our snack service and that they add just as much value to our clients. The end result is something we’re super proud of. We are partnered with the absolute best – from award-winning, third wave coffee roasters to top-of-the-line equipment manufacturers.

Today, Seed & Stock has the privilege of serving many of Southern California’s best workplaces, including several Fortune 500 companies. We have grown thoughtfully and meticulously, always ensuring that our current clients’ satisfaction comes first. This mindset has allowed us to maintain remarkably longstanding client relationships, even in the midst of dramatic workplace changes over the last few years. As companies shift towards hybrid work schedules, we are engaged with our clients more than ever to help elevate their office experience and welcome back employees. We recognize that office coffee and pantry services have their part to play in making the office a compelling destination where employees can interact and collaborate. We would be excited to help your team create a space that is truly special, please don’t hesitate to reach out.